The Phi Suea House

The design and Graphics of a World’s First in Solar-Hydrogen Residential Development


The Phi Suea House is a fantastic initiative which combines the most up-to-date sustainable technologies from around the world to effectively power a multi-house residential development. The aim of the project is to inspire and instigate future sustainable developments.

We designed all the materials leading up to the inauguration of the system. This included explanatory design materials such as videos and placards as well as all visual installations, print and products for the launch of the project. In order to maintain the mission of the project to inspire and inform it was key that materials remained informative highlighting the innovative technologies and their implementation.


Branding, launch, explanatory materials for the Phi Suea House project.


UX, UI, Front end and back end website development, videos, print material design, packaging design, product design and installation design.

Other work


Designing for the latest
video entertainment service SPB TV

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